Shakespeare’s wide fanbase, which includes such notable figures as the Beatles and the Muppets, generates some awesome videos. We’ve put together a Best-of-YouTube Shakespeare-inspired compilation for your enjoyment.



The Muppets and Christopher Reeve tackle Shakespeare.


Comedian Catherine Tate and Doctor Who star David Tennant debate Shakespeare on Comic Relief.


The Beatles do Shakespeare—John, Paul, Ringo and George put on a scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Chicago celebrities share their favorite Shakespeare quotes


Standup Comedian John Branyan’s Shakespearean-style “The Three Little Pigs”


A "B," or Not A "B"—Patrick Stewart’s take on the famous Shakespearean soliloquy for Sesame Street.


Impressionist Jim Meskimen performs Shakespeare in dozens of celebrity voices.


If Shakespeare had an Editor—Rowan Atkinson (Mr.Bean) and Hugh Laurie (House) argue over the Hamlet script in this comedic sketch.


Shakespeare, as performed by a 2½-year-old (with some help).